Gardening expert, broadcaster and RHS professional associate Darren Rudge opens up his gardening world to us. Offering helpful hints, tips and advice on how to get the best from your green space, whether that’s indoors or out to help you transform your new house into a dream home.

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Spring Gardens

The start of spring is where attention turns back to looking after your home’s horticultural spaces. Whether that’s moving plants back outdoors after the cold start to the year, bringing the green space inside for a new season or going outdoors to get your garden ready for the summer – it’s time to look at what to be getting on with to spring clean your green space.

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Start 2021 in the garden

A brand new year can bring new possibilities and our gardening expert has put together some top tips on how to make the most out of a winter garden, jobs to do to get you out in nature and some ideas on what new homeowners can plan and plant ready for a great green-space next winter.

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Christmas Trees & Poinsettias

Stepping away from the outside and heading indoors, December for many is a time to choose the perfect poinsettia and spruce things up inside…literally. Our gardening expert has put together some top tips on choosing the perfect festive tree and caring for your poinsettia’s during the December holiday season.

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November gardening

November can be a raw month in the garden, but it doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty of things to keep you going. This time of can still provide fantastic opportunities for colour and spectacle outdoors and there’s always a job or two to do with any indoor or outdoor garden space.

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Autumn Gardens

Looking after your garden is a seasonal chore and when autumn takes hold there are certain things you should consider to get your outdoor space winter ready. Autumn is also the best time to redesign or plan your perfect patch! But what should you plant in order to have the best autumnal landscape?

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Collection of Hyacinth flowers in plant pots

Growing Hyacinths

If you’re looking for a simple but effective idea to grow hyacinths indoors in time for Christmas, either as a gift for someone or simply to fill your own home with flowering scents during the winter months, then read Darren’s advice on how to grow them.

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Two Sansevieria trifasciata plant in white plant pots with a sofa in the background

Hardy Houseplants

One of the simplest ways to make your new home feel more ‘homely’ is to introduce some houseplants. Darren explains why houseplants are important and has rounded up five that can bring your indoor space to life and are hardy hardy enough to handle being ‘forgotten’ occasionally.

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Darren Rudge

Darren's Gardening World

Expert gardener, RHS professional associate and broadcaster Darren Rudge is joining us to share his extensive knowledge, providing helpful advice and tips and ideas on how to make the best of your indoor or outdoor space. Find out why Darren is passionate about turning us on to gardening.

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